• Artificial Intelligence for Language

    We are a team of creative and technical data scientists and engineers. We are dedicated and passionate about our products that we are building and hope you can join us on our journey

  • Changing the way we understand language

    The world is moving faster than ever. Understanding language is our core goal and building natural language products our passion.


    Overscore is a team of data scientists and engineers with a passion for product development and seeking solutions in the mysteries of data.

  • What we do

    Some of our Services and offerings

    Data Science and your Company

    Our most recent offerings converge around supplying your business with meaningful analytics.


    Our platforms and expertise include:

    • Natural Language Processing
    • Unsupervised / Supervised Machine Learning
    • R and Python 
    • Visualization (Shiny / PowerBI)
    • C++ Development

    Programming for Analysis

    We use a variety of techniques including the following programmatic and statistical techniques:

    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Historical Information
    • Predictive Modelling
    • CNN and RNN (Neural Networks)

    Research and Analysis

    We consult closely with your team to ensure that we have a deep understanding of not only your data but your business questions that you aim to answer with the data. 


    Our consultations generally include a non-recurring fee for creating the initial value-add model and visualizations and then a monthly "keep-the-lights-on" fee.

    High Performance Computing

    Benefit from our expertise in the cloud. Overscore is a partner with various public and private cloud companies designed to use the best tools to give you the best products.


    We have and continue to deploy a wide range of IaaS solutions on various Public providers such as AWS or Azure.

  • Core values

    Our values and drivers at Overscore

    Exceeding Expectations

    At Overscore we believe that each and every interaction with our clients should exceed their expectations. This requires:

    • Intelligently creating and managing expectations
    • Co-ordination between Sales / Helpdesk and Marketing
    • Constant communication with our clients


    At Overscore we encourage all our employees to learn and grow and sometimes into cross roles across various functions within the organization.


    If a week has passed without learning we believe this is a lost week.

    Keeping our word

    Integrity is a word often thrown around when it comes to values expressed by other companies.


    Your information technology systems contain your most sensitive information and we aim to keep it this way. Our integrity is a vital element to all our dealings with our clients

  • Some numbers

    Let us exceed expectations with your requirements.


    Data Science Clients


    Of our clients have claimed that our data science projects have improved their bottom line.


    Uptime on our cloud solutions


    Virtual servers across multiple regions

    (US - 2 Regions)

    (EU - 2 Regions)

    (ZA - JHB and CPT)

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